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Limited Period Pre Launch Price ** Cr. Onwards
Limited Period Pre Launch Price ** Cr. Onwards
** Cr. Onwards Phase 1 : RERA Coming Soon
Overview Sobha Dream Valley Off Thanisansra Road, Bellahalli Cross, Bangalore

One of the great advantages of Sobha Dream Valley is the place where it is located. The project is strategically located in this area as it is close to many critical areas of development like schools, hospitals, roads, and recreational parks among others. This aspect makes Sobha Dream Valley stand out and add so much value to the project. Residents easily access these major hubs using highways and other main roads. In particular, Thanisandra Road is a developed road that links different parts of Bangalore resulting in easier commuting for residents. In this aspect, having good reputable schools nearby is of major importance for the family with children. At this point, Sobha Dream Valley does not fall behind as there are famous schools and colleges located nearby. This ensures that parents do not have to worry much about long journeys to and fro to take their children to school.

Project Configuration
Project Location Off Thanisansra Road, Bellahalli Cross, Bangalore
Total Land Area 25 Acres (Approx.)
No. of Units 2055+ Appartment
Unit Variants 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK
Possession Time On Request
Type SBA Price
1 BHK 600-650 Sft* **Onwards
2 BHK 1175-1260 Sqft* **Onwards
3 BHK 1650-1800 Sqft* **Onwards
Site & Floor Plan

Aerobics Room


Health Club

Yoga / Meditation


Banquet Halls

Grocery Store


5 Badminton Courts

Table Tennis

Snooker Pool Room

Indoor Games Room



Paw Park

Children's Play Area

Tennis Court

Volleyball Court

Cricket Net

Football Field

Leisure Pool

Children's Pool

Virtual Site Tour
Location Map
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Map View
Airport - 300 m
IT Hub- 10 minutes
Hospital - 10 Minutes
Park Square Mall - 1.8 km
About Sobha Dream Valley

It can feel like an impossible task having to find some peace and tranquillity in busy Bangalore. However, Sobha Dream Valley is located in Bangalore amidst the buzzing city that boasts of architectural superiority and modern living styles. This residential enclave off Thanisandra Road, Bellahalli Cross is more than a housing project, it is a carefully crafted dream destination that gives the residents an unmatched living experience. One of the great advantages of Sobha Dream Valley is the place where it is located. The project is strategically located in this area as it is close to many critical areas of development like schools, hospitals, roads, and recreational parks among others.

This location is also excellent for healthcare as a second dimension. Leading hospitals and healthcare facilities are around, making their health readily available to residents anytime. The strategic location provides peace of mind to the residents knowing that care is only nearby. Bangalore has a very vibrant culture which the residents of Sobha Dream Valley can explore. There is also a possibility to eat at fashionable restaurants, watch a film in the adjacent cinema or do shopping in the nearest shopping complexes. The area around Sobha Dream Valley also provides many amenities beyond connectivity. Parks, playgrounds, and fitness centers make it possible for many people to have an active and healthy lifestyle. The surroundings of the project are carefully selected to achieve harmony between nature and contemporary living. Nevertheless, Sobha Dream Valley is more than just its location; it provides exceptional elements that make it stand out as Bangalore’s top residential project.

Architectural Excellence:

Sobha Developers’ commitment to excellence can be seen in the design and architecture of Sobha Dream Valley. The homes built through the project are aesthetically appealing while at the same time very practical.

Recreational Facilities:

An oasis of green in the bustling Bangalore, Sobha Dream Valley. The project has beautifully planted gardens and the parks serve as a peaceful haven for the city’s inhabitants. The focus on developing a green environment offers an added serene feeling to the project.

Recreational Facilities:

Sobha Dream Valley offers more than expected facilities. There is a modern clubhouse with gyms, pools, sports places, and rooms for meetings. Many residents can enjoy various leisure activities within the confines of their community.

Security and Safety:

The health of Sobha Dream Valley is guaranteed. It has an advanced security system for making its environment safe. Round-the-clock surveillance security is offered at the gated community, assuring the safety of residents.

Sustainability Initiatives:

Sustainability not only in luxury but also at Sobha Dream Valley. Green approaches are employed in the project, and this fits the trend of a green world. Another sustainable project is the Sobha Dream Valley which also integrates solar panels, waste management systems, and other environmentally friendly measures.

Unit Types:

Therefore, Sobha Dream Valley is indeed an example of how dreams are made and brought to life in vibrant communities. Located off Thanisandra Road, Bellahalli Cross connects residents’ lives in a hub of connectivity, and convenience, with a touch and taste of luxury. Apart from the location, the project is a wonder of the real estate market in Bangalore with its unique features and amenities.
Sobha Dream Valley is all about homes with life, connections, and a Bangalore experience. It is a project under the Sobha Developers banner, which showcases the legacy of excellence of the real estate industry for the residents where they can enjoy the living experience beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Sobha Dream Valley Location

A rare kind of peace amidst the noise of Bangalore, where urban comfort effortlessly merges with nature. One of such gems in the city is Sobha Dream Valley located off Thanisandra Road, Bellahalli Cross that provides residents with a residence and life experience. This exploration will explore Sobha Dream Valley’s location including what surrounds it, where it is located, what amenities are available, and the unique charm of this township.
The strategic point for Sobha Dream Valley is just off Thanisandra Road, Bellahalli Cross. However, why is this place important in the realm of Bangalore’s real estate landscape? The connectivity of Sobha Dream Valley’s location raises its value. Thanisandra Road, a developed corridor in Bangalore, blends well with other major roads and highways. The residents of the Sobha Dream Valley are at the point of convenience as they can easily access major regions, business centers, and recreation facilities within the city.

Apart from being close to Bellahalli Cross, the project also enables ease of movement in the city and beyond. Regarding connected lifestyle, Sobha Dream Valley emerges as a better choice for those who find it valuable. Close distance to places where children can learn is one of the most essential factors in selecting a place of residence for families with kids. Education is also available and Sobha Dream Valley has established a good reputation for schools and colleges so that education is available nearby and is not only a part of life but a rich experience.

The health of an area is heavily dependent on healthcare facilities. Residents of Sobha Dream Valley have convenient access to some of the best hospitals and healthcare providers in the country. The guarantee of immediate medical help makes everyday life more comfortable during crisis times. Bangalore has an exciting urban culture and entertainment industry that makes it more attractive than other cities. Residents in the Sobha Dream Valley are conveniently close to theatres, shopping centers, and food courts making their lifestyle easy and affordable. Residents can enjoy the lifestyle that Bangalore offers including catching up with the latest movies, retail therapy, and culinary delights.

Amid city developments, Sobha Dream Valley comes in with an interesting idea; combining parks and green spaces. Provided that careful consideration has been made in the planning of the location, the availability of parks and recreation areas gives the residents a pleasant place for relaxation. Instead, these green spaces become more than amenities and must be considered as an essential component of the lifestyle where nature comes first and it is vital for the person’s health and prosperity.
However, Sobha Dream Valley goes beyond the geographical coordinates in having unique features that make it stand out and contribute to the way of life. Sobha Developers’ excellence in their work is reflected in the design and architecture of Sobha Dream Valley. The project combines beauty with function creating houses that are both beautiful and functional. What sets Sobha Dream Valley apart is its architectural grandeur.
Sobha Dream Valley is an oasis of water bodies and green vegetation in the center of Bellahalli Cross. Gardens and water bodies are landscaped in a manner that offers a serene environment. The inclusion of nature in the project’s design creates an escape within the community from urban life, making an exceptional living experience.

Living in a home at Sobha Dream Valley is more of a lifestyle than a simple dwelling. The club has modern health clubs, swimming pools, sporting facilities, and places for parties. Amenities go beyond the ordinary giving residents recreational activities at the convenience of their community.
Sobha Dream Valley is more than just being located in an area. It is a marvellous showcase of architectural excellence in conjunction with eco-friendliness by Sobha Developers. This project is not just about providing homes. It is about living the dream of a house where every detail creates a vibrant, connected, peaceful lifestyle immersed in nature.

Sobha Dream Valley Price

Sobha Dream Valley represents more than just an architectural marvel and a luxurious abode with ample facilities. It is also about providing the perfect “home for homebuyers” experience. Determining the price in the real estate market involves numerous elements, including but not limited to location, amenities, standard of construction, and current market trends. Sobha Dream Valley adopts a strategic pricing regime reflecting quality standards and an array of prices for various budgets.

Its location also contributes greatly to the prices at Sobha Dream Valley. With the rise of developments in Bangalore being considered the most dynamic city, the desire for properties in such areas has also increased. Sobha’s location also adds to its potential market value due to its accessibility and connectivity. The location should be near educational institutions, hospitals, recreation centres, and highways which will increase a surcharge to the other advantages of such a place. The price of a property is usually considered by the homebuyers based on the convenience of commuting, nearby amenities, and the neighbourhood’s development.

Sobha Dream Valley is not just about houses; it is a location packed with lots of facilities. World-class facilities such as a clubhouse, sports arena, fitness centres, and green spaces add more value to the residents here. These amenities greatly contribute to the perceived value of property among potential homeowners who assess the costs of living in Sobha Dream Valley.

Home investment is not only physical structure but the life it portrays. The pricing is justified because Sobha Dream Valley seeks to provide a comprehensive living experience, which makes it more than ordinary. Sobha Developers known for having an architectural sense that is exceptional, contribute to the added value of the properties in Sobha Dream Valley. Their longevity is attributed to the design, style, as well as high-quality construction, thus guaranteeing homeowners of long-term benefits.

Potential buyers often consider thе reputation of thе developer whеn assessing thе value of a property. Sobha Dream Valley, undеr thе Sobha Dеvеlopеrs bannеr, carriеs with it a lеgacy of trust and quality, instilling confidence in buyers rеgarding thе еnduring value of their investment.

Sobha Drеam Vallеy recognizes thе diversity of its potential homebuyers, еach with uniquе budgеt considеrations. This project offers a variеty of housing options, from apartmеnts to villas, еach tailored to different prеfеrеncеs and financial capacities. This variеty allows Sobha Drеam Vallеy to catеr to a broadеr markеt sеgmеnt, making thе drеam of owning a Sobha propеrty achiеvablе for a divеrsе rangе of buyеrs.

Thе rеаl еstаtе market is dynamic, influеncеd by еconomic trеnds, dеmand-supply dynamics, and evolving buyer prеfеrеncеs. Sobha Drеam Valley's pricing strategy rеmains attuned to thеsе markеt dynamics, ensuring that its properties rеmain competitive whilе dеlivеring supеrior value. Markеt trеnds such as thе growing dеmand for sustainablе living, thе risе of smart homеs, and thе emphasis on holistic lifestyles are considered in Sobha Drеam Vallеy's offеrings. The project adapts to emerging market prеfеrеncеs, adding a layеr of contеmporary rеlеvancе to its pricing strategy.

Transparеncy in pricing is a cornеrstonе of Sobha Dream Valley approach. Clеar communication about thе costs involvеd, paymеnt plans, and any associated charges fosters trust bеtwееn thе developer and the buyer. This commitment to transparency еxtеnds to providing comprehensive information about the property, ensuring that buyers can make informed decisions. Building long-term relationships with customers is a priority for Sobha Drеam Vallеy. Thе pricing strategy reflects not just thе immediate value of the property but also thе long-tеrm bеnеfits and apprеciation potеntial. This customеr-cеntric approach contributes to the project's rеputation and customеr loyalty.

In conclusion, Sobha Dream Valley's pricing strategy is a harmonious blеnd of value, lifеstylе, and markеt dynamics. The project positions itself as an investment not just in rеal еstatе but in quality living, promising rеsidеnt a home that transcends thе traditional boundariеs of housing.

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